Global catastrophe

The immediate effect of the tsunami is not yet complete. At the time of writing thousands of people are still missing. Many of these will be dead. Some will die of their injuries in the coming weeks, hundreds may never be found.

Even worse, the secondary problems are now starting to take effect. Tens of thousands will die as a consequence of illness, lack of food and water. Many will die of neglect because no one is left to care for them. In the region of five million people have been made homeless, landless and in many cases remain without hope.

But there is hope. Maybe not for the hundreds of thousands who will be affected by this tragedy over the coming months and years, but for the world as a whole many nations are coming together to help in a way that has not happened before. There is a new unity of purpose between rich and poor countries. A desire to help from all quarters. Like a delicate flower growing stronger from the dirt and finally flourishing, we have an opportunity to change the world, bind countries together in peace and, with even World Bank giving aid, we can begin the process of eradicating poverty.

Of course none of this is of any consolation to the bereaved. We cannot understand the scale or the depth of their grief. My thoughts are with them.

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