Advertising – is it taking over the world?

This blog used to be open so anyone could write comments, but I have recently changed this. Now all writings will be moderated and any that advertise gambling, porn etc will be removed.

Most offending comments are from people using robots, churning out phrase book entries in an attempt to get higher search engine ranking. For the most part the phrases are not in any way contentious, some are even quite funny. But it is important that personal weblogs do not become just advertising machines for online gambling sites.

If they were not abused, email and the web could be wonderful tools and they are already changing people’s lives all round the world. Unfortunately, because of spam, email is already less useful than it used to be. It would be sad if blogs went the same way.

I get as many phone calls from people telling me I have won something or wanting to sell me double glazing as I do from friends and family.

Anyone any idea why companies pay people to keep ringing random numbers? It must be counterproductive. If I remember the name of the company who cold-called me I don’t use their product and am probably not alone in acting like this. Admittedly this is usually because I don’t want their product in the first place, but also because I don’t like being disturbed when I am eating my tea, or resting. In the end many people must end up associating these companies with annoyance and even invasion of privacy.

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