Watched a galling tv program on the Bhopal tragedy tonight. This was entirely preventable.

For those who read this but know nothing about the event which happened 20 years ago there is this from

“Shortly after midnight poison gas leaked from a factory in Bhopal, India, owned by the Union Carbide Corporation. There was no warning, none of the plant’s safety systems were working. In the city people were sleeping. They woke in darkness to the sound of screams with the gases burning their eyes, noses and mouths. They began retching and coughing up froth streaked with blood. Whole neighbourhoods fled in panic, some were trampled, others convulsed and fell dead. People lost control of their bowels and bladders as they ran. Within hours thousands of dead bodies lay in the streets.”

And from which is owned by Union Carbide:

“The 1984 gas leak in Bhopal, India, was a terrible tragedy which understandably continues to evoke strong emotions even 20 years later. In the wake of the release, Union Carbide Corporation worked diligently to provide immediate and continuing aid to the victims and set up a process to resolve their claims. All the claims arising out of the release were settled 15 years ago at the explicit direction and with the approval of the Supreme Court of India.”

The victims apparently received an average of about £320 compensation from Union Carbide a super-rich American Company.

More than 150,000 people were left severely disabled. No one knows how many thousands of people died. Figures vary between 3,000 to 20,000. In the immediate aftermath maybe as many as 8,000 lost their lives in this horrific way.

There is an online petition at

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