War news

Reading the BBC news website just now I was left with the slight feeling that I had been reading the war news. There were about 4 news stories about war, 4 of a riot, 1 of a diplomatic incident another of a torture camp and some about the stock market slide.

Admittedly we are involved in a couple of wars at least, but I was suddenly hit with the slightly paranoid suspicion that we are being softened up by the media with tales of war and bravery rather like the propaganda that flooded the media at the start of both the world wars.

Luckily that isn’t the case. Things are a lot different now. Before the First World War the rich were getting exponentially richer, the poor much poorer, there was a recession and there was a lot of trouble with people trying to get their freedom in various parts of the world. Many people saw war as a solution to their problems and some as a way of getting richer.

Fortunately at the moment war doesn’t look like a very good solution to anything. As for the rich getting richer, we all know how hard they have to work for their billions. I’m sure they all deserve to be even richer. Some of them even pay tax. But can we distribute part of the food we all waste just a little better?

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