Are new workhouses on the horizon yet?

The changed date in the reduction of housing benefits merited a small mention on the BBC news tonight. Over the last few months cuts to housing benefit and other payments that help the poor must have been given far less than a 10th of the coverage of the child benefit cuts.

The housing benefit cuts will affect some of the very poorest in our society in the most horrible way. The consequence will be homelessness and the split up of poor families. The effect of child benefit cuts on the richest 15% of our society will be trivial in comparison.

Coincidentally very few TV journalists will notice anything that happens to housing benefit. It isn’t a benefit they receive. Many of them may be affected by child benefit cuts. It looks to me like the priority any news story gets is decided by how close to BBC decision makers it gets.

We need to know

  • How many families will be made homeless by these housing benefit cuts?
  • Where will these homeless families go?
  • Why do the BBC give a far higher priority to a smaller benefits cut which affects their well paid decision making staff than to radical changes to the lives of the poorest in our society?
  • Who benefits from any of these cuts? The recipients certainly don’t. If no one benefits why are they needed?

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