Self service checkout

There is an article on the BBC website about self service checkouts. Personally I try to avoid these as I can imagine a dreadful future where there is one low-paid, very bored shop assistant per supermarket and banks of self service machines. The BBC article seems to think I want someone to speak to. Maybe I do although I think not. Certainly I do want more people to be employed in person to person roles. Supermarkets, of course, might well prefer to get rid of expensive and inefficient humans from the checkout stage of a shopping trip.

Oddly, during the weekly romp round the isles I do often think about ways of saving people from stacking shelves. I’ve never done it, so don’t know for sure but kneeling down to fill the lowest shelves and stretching to reach the highest seem like very dreadful jobs to me. Supermarkets on the other hand don’t seem as keen to automate this work. They seem to want a human to get all the stacked items lined up with mechanical accuracy. Shop assistants seem to spend ages stacking things neatly. As soon as they move away some customer comes past and disturbs everything. This seems to me to leave us with machines doing the human work and humans doing the machines work, or am I missing something?

Yes! This is the dullest blog in the world!

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