Optimism and poverty

It may just be what we see because of some the European press bias but a striking difference between the Obama election victory and the first Bush near win is that after Bush claimed the victory we had many news reports about a ‘not in my name’ site which contained some funny images . Obama’s triumph on the other hand seems to be welcomed by almost everyone. I even hear that he has almost 80% approval in the US.

Maybe the most important difference is that the most powerful country in the world, under Bush, decided not to engage with the rest of the world but still managed to go to war. Let’s hope that with Obama as president and a commitment to engaging with the rest of the human population the wars will end and peace break out.

Bush’s policies and backing of big business were largely responsible for the dire economic problems we now face and that is probably what he will be remembered for. But we mustn’t forget that under Bush, aid to Africa and other poor areas grew and reached higher levels than it ever had done before.

I for one hope that the economic problems and suffering that are taking place in the richest countries do not mean that the poorest countries will now suffer even more with cuts in aid. It would be good if the optimistic mood sweeping the rich countries bore fruit in the poorest.

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