Knockout game shows

I was thinking about knockout competitions like Alan Sugar and The Apprentice. Knockouts always have one winner and many losers. It would be good if we had a tv series with many winners and few losers. The Apprentice wanted someone who was young, good looking, neat and tidy, good at self promotion along with a raft of other attributes mostly centred around the ability to earn more money than anyone else. The show did start off with a fair range of people, but I’d like to see even more diversity, not less. A competition that broadened not narrowed as it progressed.

I was thinking each week Alan Sugar, or some other large employer could be faced with finding a suitable role for a difficult to place person. I wouldn’t expect these people to get low status jobs, rather jobs of any status at which they excelled and in which they were happy. Finding people the niche to which they belonged would make interesting and novel tv.

Each week the firm could show how it was diversifying and expanding and the positive impact these people were having on the firm and those who already worked there. Ideally, if people were flexible and willing to change jobs, we could end up with the perfect work environment, a happy place where there was little conflict and enormous amount of job satisfaction. Maybe the firm would also need a separate area where those people who thrive on conflict did well without upsetting others. That would be part of the challenge. The resulting effects of the imaginative and flexible personnel management of this firm could be astounding and turn it into a market leader.

Of course as a reality show, tv producers would probably want to encourage and manage conflict. I’d like to see if we could minimise trouble and can build a better world rather than a slightly worse one.

My game show would have a wide and interesting range of people many of who wouldn’t necessarily be the sort who look good on tv. There are any number of talented disabled people who need a break. There are many people of all ages who are unqualified or cannot read and write but are otherwise extremely intelligent and useful to society. There are those who are happy using their physical strength, but want to use it in a gentle creative environment rather than a building site. We all know one or two odd balls who don’t quite fit in anywhere. There are those who like to bullshit but maybe don’t have the other attributes necessary for management. There are other hard to place people who have hurt others sometimes terribly, but in the right environment they can safely give back something to a society they may have harmed.

It would be good to see a famous business person take an interest in what s/he could do for these people in a way that helped his or her business. Mostly I guess business leaders just leave that sort of thing to their personnel departments and then proudly claim to be equal opportunities employers, while doing as little as possible for those who are not seen as quite the right stuff. I’d like to see Alan Sugar hiring people, not firing them.

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