Stage Lighting

Published: Monday, 13 May 2013

The idea is to eventually be able to design models of lighting rigs for a variety of theatres. (Theaters if you spell it that way!) The ultimate aim is for lighting engineers and directors to work without requiring the whole theatre and cast to be present.

This early version uses the free Director Shockwave plugin and should be adequate for Drama and Science lessons in schools.

The people can be hidden so this model can also be used in junior science lessons to show coloured lights combing and pointing at some basic geometric shapes.

You can

  • move in and out with the mouse or the control panel
  • pull the lights round their axes
  • move the lights with the side control panel
  • point the lights with the bottom control panel
  • change the light cone angle
  • turn the lights off and on
  • change colour and intensity
  • move or hide the people
  • drag the stage background out of the way

If anyone wants it this early model here will become an accurate interactive model for a number of theatres with complete design, save, import and export facilities. Most importantly it will have a saveable timeline so that you can experiment and save lighting concepts for whole shows It would be good if you could import your local stage's lighting setup and position a different number of actors on stage at different points in the time line and then save the lighting changes for that as well.