Cruck Timber House

Published: Monday, 13 May 2013

There is a rather clunky model of a cruck timber house in dwf format here. It is about 3.5Mb and takes a minute or so to load. It would be good to get time to build a better and more accurate model, but in the meantime this gives a reasonable impression although it is easy to spot some mistakes and some of the textures have suddenly become shiny and modern in appearance. I'm investigating, but at the time of writing I don't think that DWF viewer (now called Autodesk Design Review) work on 64 bit systems in ie 7 32 bit. That is, It works using Firefox but on a 64 bit Vista system using 32 bit IE 7 the model and viewer work locally (right click over the image or the link and select 'Save As'), but the model doesn't work when it is played in the browser. On a 32 bit XP system it works without any hassle.

The new Autodesk Design Review 2007 software has some good points and improves on the dwf viewer plugin, so if you can use this sort of model it is worth the rather large download (39MB) although Norton Antivirus describes the initial download as a low risk threat, presumably Autodesk are back to their old spyware tricks. (Discreet, part of Autodesk, previously used a type of spyware to track 3ds Max licences.) Casual users must remember that this plugin is a large download as it s is a professional architect and designer's tool.