Open Hall House

Published: Monday, 13 May 2013

This is a working file of an open hall house with a newly added chimney. The occupants haven't even had time to decide what to do with the large table. Eventually they will move the furniture around and think about doing something with all that space in the roof. It would be a good place to put another floor in, but how would you get to that room without moving the stairs?

You can see that this model needs a bit of work, It is quite large at about 5.5Mbm, the camera path needs changing as does the fire, but for a quick start and proof of concept it isn't bad. It also needs a camera looking at the living room as it changes, but for now you can compare it to the animation with a fire in the middle of the hall. Then the model needs putting into a web navigable form such with Shockwave, Wirefusion or some such. If I get time I'll change the lighting and camera path in the next few days and re-render it. Here is another one with simple lighting and is a good example of something that needs fill lighting! Here is a slightly smaller one at 4.5mb. (This is the original one.)