Leg Muscles

Published: Monday, 13 May 2013

Quick but illustrative models and animations of the skeleton, main organs and main muscle groups are available here. Other models demonstrate the way organs or muscles work. These simple models are suitable for school children and many require the free Flash or Director Shockwave plugins. More advanced and accurate tools are available on request.

Some of this content is freely available. However, to access some of it you do need a username and password and some of it you will have to request personally.

Digitalbrain produce superlative content such as a skeleton explorer, muscle explorer and complete learning objects on the working of muscles for FE and HE sports science students.

This model illustrates the way muscles contract to move the leg bones. Although, as an early version it is quite good and is initially quite impressive it isn't entirely accurate and when you look carefully you do not need to be an anatomist to spot some of the bugs.

You can see a more realistic volley kick motion with just the skin and bones playing at about half speed in most web browsers, with the bones and muscles again at half speed and here with bones skin and muscles running about real speed.

The model was built, animated and rendered in 3ds Max and the motion is fairly accurate as it is based on three dimensional motion capture of a real kick (usually called mocap). The rendered images were then turned into a Flash movie. It is also possible to show the animated model on the web in a 3d package using suitable technology such as Wirefusion, Director or the like.